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Ontario can Increase the Local Food Supply

By Matthew Villeneuve

A study identifies ways for Ontario to make changes to its food system to increase the supply of local food.


There's a study done by the Greenbelt Foundation that identifies ways Ontario can make changes to its food system to increase the supply of local food.

One key finding recommends reducing the top 10 fruit and vegetable imports by 10 per cent and expanding local production.

The study says that would help create 34-hundred jobs and boost the province's gross domestic product by nearly a quarter billion dollars.

It also points to Ontarians adopting a healthier diet leading to higher consumer demand for fruits, vegetables, and some grains.

The United States is challenging the math that's led the Canadian government to demand three billion dollars in punitive tariffs on American products in a potential trade war.

It's requesting arbitration to calculate an appropriate amount, as Canada moves toward tariffs in this decisive phase of a years-long battle at the World Trade Organization.

The arbitration request came at a meeting in Geneva, where Canada asked the W-T-O to approve the multibillion-dollar penalties in a long-running dispute over meat labelling.

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