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Grain farmers upset over neonic ban

By Manny Paiva

The province wants to reduce use of neonics by 80 per cent in just two years.


The Grain Farmers of Ontario still upset with the new regulations on neonic-treated seeds.

Chair Mark Brock calls the regulations a one-off approach that will not benefit pollinator health and will hurt 28 thousand Ontario farmers.

Virtually 100 per cent of corn seeds and about 60 per cent of soybean seeds planted in Ontario are treated with neonicotinoids.

The province wants to reduce that by 80 per cent in just two years.


The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing four million dollars a year over the next four years to help farmers improve soil health and promote environmental stewardship.

The Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative will provide cost sharing funding.

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association supports the program.

President Alan Krusnel says there are nutrient issues facing Great Lakes water quality.


And the first veterinary college in Western Canada celebrated its 50th anniversary last week in Saskatoon.

Prior to 1965, veterinary training was only available at schools in Eastern Canada.


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