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Veal Code Being Updated

By Kevin Bernard

National Farm Animal Care Council is handling review at request of Canadian Veal Association.

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Canada's code of practice for veal calves is being updated.

The National Farm Animal Care Council is handling the review at the request of the Canadian Veal Association.

President Andre Roy says the review will focus on ensuring up-to-date and practical approaches to the care and welfare of calves raised for the veal market.


Over a million dollars in funding is being given to A-and-L Biologicals.

The money is from the federal government -- and will help the Ontario company develop a test to detect micro-organisms that impact corn output.

Field trials will initially commence in Ontario, but will later be extended to other corn-growing regions in Quebec and Manitoba.


Chefs in two dozen restaurants across Canada are competing this month with signature dishes all incorporating the same homegrown ingredient -- lentils.

The restaurants have added the creations to their menus for customers to order and vote on during the FunDeLentil competition.

Culinary activist Anita Stewart says it's a way to support Canadian farmers, and to actively promote the growth and study of the distinctly Canadian food culture.


If you missed the news last week -- the world's tallest cow died on a farm in northern Illinois after holding the record for less than a year.

Pat Hanson says his 6-foot-4 Holstein called Blosom died.

Hanson says she's not sure what was wrong with Blosom, but that she had the 13 year old Holstein put down after two veterinarians said they couldn't save her.

Hanson adds Blosom was buried in her favourite pasture.


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