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Wine Popular at Farmer's Markets

By Fadi Didi

More than one million dollars of local wine has been purchased at farmers' markets in Ontario since province started allowing those sales last year.

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More than one million dollars of local wine has been purchased at farmers' markets in Ontario since the province started allowing those sales last year.

Ontario's first Local Food Report says to date -- 75 wineries and 140 farmers' markets have participated in the wine sales.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs wants to increase the number of Ontarians who cook local foods at home, who know what local foods are available, and where and how to get them.

According to a Foodland Ontario survey, two-thirds of grocery shoppers can identify half or more of the produce grown seasonally in the province.

But only about 40 per cent can name at least one product grown throughout the year in Ontario.


A new bill in Quebec would give new rights to animals and includes jail time for people who may even be found guilty of mistreating their goldfish.

The proposed legislation applies to domestic, farm and certain wild animals.

The legislation says animals are not simply the property of humans.

It includes fines of up to a quarter of a million dollars, while repeat offenders can be jailed up to 18 months.


Prime Minister Harper used Sunday's opening of the G-7 summit in Germany to push European leaders to ratify the Canada-EU free trade agreement.

Canada and the E-U have an agreement in principle on a sweeping pact in goods and services -- but the legal text still must be finished so it can be ratified by Canada and the E-U's 28-member countries.

The deal has been lauded by groups like the Canadian Cattlemen's Association -- which said last year that it would provide for duty-free access for nearly 65-thousand tonnes of Canadian beef annually.


A well-known agriculture school in Canada has just held ceremonies for its 100th graduating class.

Ralph Troschke -- the dean of agribusiness at Olds College in Alberta -- says it's the largest graduating class in the school's history.

Of the 800 graduates, 500 are from an agricultural program.



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