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Cattle Company Fined in Death

By Fadi Didi

Schaus Land and Cattle fined $90,000 after farm worker died.

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A cattle company in our region has been fined 90-thousand dollars after a worker died after a fall at a farm two years ago.

Schaus Land and Cattle was found in contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Act by not securing an opening in the floor.

A worker picking up manure at a farm in Mono went to the washroom and fell through a hatch that led to the pump room.

He suffered traumatic brain injuries and died a day later.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it is detaining corn shipments from India used for livestock feed to protect animal and human health.

The agency says these imports must be tested after samples of organic feed corn were found to have up to 20 times the permitted levels of aflatoxins.

They are produced by a fungus and can cause serious health problems in animals such as cancer and birth defects.

The C-F-I-A says aflatoxins can be transferred to milk and other animal products and could pose a threat to food safety.


Canada's largest dairy processor is hoping to spur the adoption of global animal welfare standards by refusing to buy milk from farmers that don't treat their animals humanely.

Saputo announced the change as part of a new animal welfare policy released yesterday.

It comes nearly a year after an undercover video was made public showing cows being punched, kicked and beaten with pipes at one of Saputo's suppliers.

C-E-O Lino Saputo Junior says the video raised questions at the company about whether their policies were robust enough.


Michigan has banned poultry and waterfowl shows at fairs and elsewhere to fight the spread of bird flu.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture calls it a difficult move -- but officials say avian flu is a spreading danger that has appeared in more than a dozen states.

So far, there aren't any reported cases in Michigan.



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