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Beetle Found in Salads

By Fadi Didi

CFIA says Iron Cross Blister beetles have been found in pre-packaged salads.

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Beware of what's in your packaged lettuce.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has received reports of people finding Iron Cross Blister beetles in pre-packaged salads.

It is very distinctively coloured -- with a bright red head and bright yellow markings on the wings, separated by a black "cross.''

This beetle may release an irritating chemical that may cause blisters at the point of contact.

The CFIA says says if anyone finds the beetle in their produce -- they should remove it without touching or crushing it.


The Ontario Beekeepers Association supports the Pollinator Health Blueprint.

It calls for an 80 per cent reduction in the use of neonic pesticides.

However, OBA President Tibor Szabo argues the blueprint relies too heavily on voluntary compliance.

He calls that a high-risk approach to pollinator protection.

Szabo says they need to stop what the O-B-A considers the overuse of neonics on acreage where there is no benefit to the farmer -- but which is causing the decline in the bee population.


An internal memo obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development says Australia is pushing for greater market access for its wine in Canada.

The pressure is part of the ongoing negotiations of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Australia is citing gains made by the European Union in its agreement in principle with Canada, which was announced in late 2013 but is still being finalized.



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