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More Concerns Over Pesticides

By Fadi Didi

Grain Farmers do not like latest appointment to Ontario Pesticide Advisory Committee.

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Ontario Beekeepers Association President Tibor Szabo has been added to the provincial Pesticide Advisory Committee.

But the Grain Farmers of Ontario do not like it.

G-F-O Chair Mark Brock suggests Szabo has a clear bias against pesticides.

He doesn't think it's appropriate for someone calling for a ban on pesticides to reasonably evaluate them.

The G-F-O argues the appointments show Environment Minister Glen Murray wants to surround himself with people who are as anti-agriculture as he is.


There are more options for farmers in Ontario to manage their empty seed and pesticide bags this year.

CleanFARMS will be operating an extended pilot project to collect and safely dispose of empty bags.

The organization says farmers can contribute to a clean and healthy environment by ensuring that empty seed and pesticide bags end up in the right place.

There is no cost to participating farmers.

The cost is being covered by funding from CropLife Canada, the Canadian Seed Trade Association and the provincial government.    


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced a recall on some potatoes sold in Atlantic Canada after police received complaints of nails found in some products.

The recall involves Farmer's Market russet potatoes and Strang's Produce potatoes in five, ten and 15-pound bags.

Strang's Chef jumbo potatoes for chips in 50-pound bags are also under the recall.

R-C-M-P in New Brunswick say two people had reported finding nails in potatoes purchased at stores while police in Nova Scotia and P-E-I also received complaints.

The C-F-I-A says no injuries have been reported in connection to what it is calling "possible food tampering.''



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