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COOL Law Repealed

By Fadi Didi

U-S House of Representatives committee votes to overwhelmingly repeal country's meat labelling law.

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A U-S House of Representatives committee has voted overwhelmingly to repeal the country's meat labelling law.

On Monday, the World Trade Organization ruled that the U-S labels put Canadian and Mexican livestock at a disadvantage.

The Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee is promising quick action to respond to the W-T-O ruling

Our government believes the American labelling law costs the Canadian pork and beef industries about one-billion dollars each year.


There is another confirmed P-E-D case in Ontario.

It's at a Lambton County farrow-to-finish operation -- and it was confirmed last week.

There were three confirmed cases in April and March in Perth County, Elgin and Waterloo.

That makes a total of 11 confirmed P-E-D diagnosis so far this year.

The disease can be fatal for young pigs, but is not considered a food safety issue nor is it a threat to human health.


The Canada Organic Trade Association is getting 785 thousand dollars from the Agriculture Department.

The money will be used to help promote the Canadian organic sector and increase the visibility of the Canadian organic brand in international markets.

Canada now ranks as the 5th largest organic market worldwide and is home to over 45-hundred organic farms.


And egg prices have surged higher as the death of millions of hens from bird flu is beginning to tighten supplies.

The price of a dozen large eggs in the U.S. midwest rose to one dollar and 88 cents.

That's 58 per cent higher than a month ago when bird flu first hit Iowa chicken farms.



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