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More Trade Talks Involving Canada

By Fadi Didi

USA says Canada must open up its agriculture sector if it wants to be part of 12-country free-trade deal.

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The U-S government says Canada must open up its agriculture sector if it wants to be part of a major, 12-country, free-trade deal.

One official suggested that Canada still hadn't made the concessions necessary for entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The U-S has not indicated whether it wants a little more market access or the wholesale dismantling of the Canadian supply-management system that regulates dairy and poultry.


Stats Canada reports growth in crop production and the forestry sector outweigh a decline in animal production for the month.

The gross domestic product for the sector was up 1.1 per cent in February.

But it dropped 1.2 per cent compared to February last year.

The overall national G-D-P was unchanged in February from January, but February's total G-D-P was up 2.1 per cent from a year ago.


A major fundraising drive for Food Banks Canada begins this weekend -- with a goal of getting enough food to provide 26 million meals this summer.

The organization notes food bank donations are at their lowest from June to August.

Executive Director Katharine Schmidt says hunger and poverty do not take a summer holiday.

She says over the coming months -- more than 900 thousand Canadians will turn to food banks for help -- and more than a third of these people are children.


China now boasts more land dedicated to wine-making vineyards than France -- but France has beaten out Italy to regain the title of world's number 1 wine producer.

E-U countries have intentionally reduced vineyards in recent years to make them more efficient and improve quality.

France's wine production rose to 6.2 billion bottles.

The United States remained the world's biggest wine consumer, at 4.1 billion bottles.


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