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More Soybeans To Be Planted

By Fadi Didi

Agriculture and AgriFood Canada predicts total crop production will increase in 2015-16 crop year.

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Agriculture and AgriFood Canada is predicting total crop production in Canada will increase in the 2015-16 crop year.

The April outlook for principal field crops is forecasting a four per cent increase in soybean seeded area to a record 2.35 million hectares.

It also forecasts a three per cent increase in spring wheat area seeded -- but a 33 per cent decrease in winter wheat.

It's calling for a drop in supply of nine per cent, based on lower production and lower carry-in stocks.

Department analysts expect average wheat prices to be higher than last year because of lower global supply and the weaker Canadian dollar.


Hormel says it will sell less turkey this year because of a spreading bird flu outbreak.

Farmers in the U-S have been forced to kill more than 2.4 million turkeys since March -- and thousands more have died in Ontario

The company says it is experiencing significant supply chain problems, but expects outbreaks to decrease as the weather gets better.


A veterinary epidemiologist with Alberta Agriculture says surveillance has been tougher this spring for the PED virus due to extreme swings in the weather.

Doctor Julia Keenslide says Alberta is still free of the disease, and there have been no new cases in Western Canada.

There are still 100 primary cases of P-E-D in Canada.

Most of those are in Ontario and Quebec.


Farmers in western North Dakota have agreed this year to plant 6 thousand acres of a crop that can be made into jet fuel.

The farmers will be seeding carinata -- a variety of mustard seed.

Canadian seed producer Agrisoma Biosciences over the winter sought farmers to plant the crop.

Spokesperson Garret Groves says producers were quick to sign up and exceeded the 16-hundred hectare goal.




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