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Fur and Feathers Sale Cancelled

By Kevin Bernard

Avian flu forces the Saugeen Valley Fur and Feather Fanciers Association to cancel this weekend's sale.

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The discovery of the avian flu in Ontario has forced the Saugeen Valley Fur and Feather Fanciers Association to cancel this weekend's sale.

It was scheduled to take place Saturday in Mount Forest.

But officials say they felt it was wise to cancel the event to protect the industry further.

The sale is considered one of the largest poultry events in Ontario.
The avian flu virus has been found on two farms in the Woodstock area.


A positive outlook in Rabobank's latest Pork Quarterly.

It says while profitability in Canada's hog production has declined, it expects prices here to be more favourable than in the U-S.

Rabobank suggests the weaker Canadian dollar has also helped our hog industry's competitiveness on the export market.


American farmers have started planting their corn and spring wheat.

The U-S-D-A is reporting that two per cent of the corn crop has been planted.

And 17 per cent of the spring wheat crop has been planted.


Canadian Pacific Railway is reporting its revenue for the first three months of 2015 was up 10 per cent from last year.

CP Rail says revenue hit 1.67 billion dollars, and its profit hit 320 million.

Together, the two grain segments accounted for 24 per cent of Canadian Pacific's total revenue in the first quarter.


The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council is studying barriers women face when trying to advance in the industry.

Project manager Debra Hauer says the study will determine what the needs are of women in agriculture and identify where the gaps might be.

People looking for more information on the project can visit the group's website.


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