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Farm Land Values Continue to Rise

By Fadi Didi

Farm Credit Canada says the value of farm land went up 14.3 per cent in 2014.

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The average value of farmland in Canada is going up again.

Farm Credit Canada says the value went up 14.3 per cent in 2014.

Here in Ontario, farmland values increased an average of 12.4 per cent.

There were was a 16 per cent jump in 2013 and a more than 30 per cent increase in the value of farmland in 2012.


The Grain Farmers of Ontario continue to watch the price of grain closely.

Analyst Marty Hibbs says the price dropped about 35 cents on Monday for the week.

Hibbs says wheat is giving way to the downward pressure in the corn markets -- and now all short, medium and long-term chart indicators are negative.

Hibbs suggests it's going to take time before the market reverses.


Consumer interest in the organic label continues to grow.

The organic industry says U-S sales of its products jumped 11 per cent last year alone -- to more than 39 billion dollars.

That is despite tight domestic supplies of organic ingredients.

And the number of U-S organic operations has grown by 250 per cent since the government started certifying organic products in 2002.

The industry estimates that organics now make up almost five per cent of total food sales in the United States.


The U-S-D-A says American poultry producers may have to live with a deadly bird flu strain for several years.

Doctor John Clifford -- the department's chief veterinary officer -- says new cases should drop to close to zero once the weather warms up and kills off the virus.

But he predicts a resurgence this fall -- and when is when the waterfowl that are natural carriers of the avian flu fly south for the winter.


And a specialist with the Canola Council of Canada says producers should be out checking soil temperatures as they prepare for spring seeding.

Angela Brackenreed notes canola should be seeded into 10 degrees Celsius.

However, she adds four or five degrees will be O-K if warmer temperatures are in the forecast.



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