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Allegations at Maple Lodge Farms

By Manny Paiva

Maple Lodge Farms says it will investigate allegations of animal rights violations.

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There is now an investigation into alleged animal rights violations at a slaughter house for one of Canada's largest chicken producers.

Maple Lodge Farms says it plans to probe allegations made by advocacy group Mercy for Animals Canada.

The group says it has hidden camera video from inside the company's plant in Brampton.

The group claims Maple Lodge Farms allows some birds to die of cold while being transported to the plant and subjects others to undue suffering before they're killed.

A year ago, an Ontario court found the company guilty of failing to provide humane treatment for thousands of poultry.


Olymel is laying off almost all the managers and administrative staff at its slaughterhouse and butchering plant at Quebec due to a strike by workers.

The company says some 50 non-union employees have been told they are no longer required at the plant.

The move comes after workers rejected the company's latest offer.

Olymel also claims the strike has forced the company to cancel deliveries of nearly 23 thousand hogs a week from Ontario.

Olymel also says the cancelling of those Ontario deliveries could threaten a full resumption of work at the Quebec plant even if it were to resume operations.


Just days before Easter -- a farmer in California says someone stole more than 200 of his hens that lay eggs with shells in subtle shades of green, blue, rose and chocolate brown.

Gerald Leuschen is offering a 250-dollar reward for information leading to his birds' return or prosecution of the chicken rustler.

He thinks whoever snatched the multicolored hens he calls Easter eggers must have had knowledge of chickens.

The birds they stole were bred to lay pastel eggs.




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