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Politicians Meeting and Farm Tour

By Adam Bradshaw

The 7th annual Politicians Meeting is in Chesley on Saturday, and the Bruce County Farm Tour is also Saturday.

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Politicians and farmers will sit down and talk this weekend.

A number of municipal, provincial and federal politicians will attend the 7th annual politicians meeting tomorrow.

It takes place at 10 in the morning at the Chesley Community Centre.

The meeting is hosted by the Bruce and Grey County Federations of Agriculture.

They will discuss some of the issues facing farmers and rural communities.


Four farms in the Mildmay area will open their doors tomorrow for the annual car tour.

It begins at 10:30 in the morning and ends at 3 in the afternoon.

Glen and Sheila Burgess are opening Shenel Farms on Bruce Road 12 with their 60 holsteins and jerseys milking in a tie stall barn.

Farmers can also visit Chakelburg Holsteins and Hells Lea Farms -- both are located on the B-Line.

Florbil Holsteins on Bruce Road 6 -- owned by Dan and Jeff Bross -- is also on the tour.


It's as Canadian as bacon and poutine, but maple syrup is going to be late this year -- and you can blame the harsh Canadian winter.

Sugar bush operators in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are anxiously waiting for a stretch of warmer days to get the sap flowing.

Ray Bonenberg of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association says operators are only getting small runs.

One Quebec producer is predicting a really good season, once the sap starts flowing.


American business interests are pleading with U-S Congress to avert a trade war with Canada and Mexico.

Several people testified in Washington this week and asked Congress to change the law that's caused trade tensions.

They want a change to country-of-origin meat-labelling rules before the Canadians and Mexicans start fighting back with retaliatory tariffs.



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