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Different Year for Hog Prices

By Manny Paiva

Ontario Pork says hog prices will look vastly different this year compared to last year.

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The hog prices for this year compared to last year will not look pretty.

That statement from Patrick O'Neil at Ontario Pork.

He is talking about a recent report in the U-S that suggests American hog slaughter has rebounded -- and that's driving U-S hog prices down.

Last year, producers benefited from the impact of P-E-D in the U-S, which reduced the number of hogs available for slaughter.

That helped drive up prices.

O'Neil points out any changes in the U-S supply situation have a direct impact on Canadian markets.


Monsanto is settling class action lawsuits brougjht by farmers in seven different states over genetically modified wheat.

Monsanto says it will pay a total of 350-thousand dollars -- 50-thousand dollars to agricultural schools at land grant colleges in each of the seven states.

The lawsuits are related to the discovery of genetically modified wheat on a farm in Oregon in May 2013.

The wheat had not been approved, and after the discovery -- Japan and South Korea temporarily suspended some wheat orders.

The European Union called for tougher testing of shipments from the U.S.


Jamaica has imposed import restrictions on poultry products from various spots in North America in the wake of a big outbreak of bird flu that has infected stocks.

The island's agriculture ministry says fresh and frozen poultry, hatching eggs and various by-products from U-S states are restricted until further notice.

Poultry imports from British Columbia are also restricted.

Jamaica says the measures are intended to safeguard the country's poultry and public health from the H-5-N-2 bird flu strain.

Numerous other countries have banned poultry imports from impacted areas.

China stopped importing all U.S. poultry earlier this year.



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