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Country 105

Agriculture Report

Trade Mission for Agriculture

By Manny Paiva

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz will lead trade mission to Asia this week.

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Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz will be joined by representatives of the Canadian beef and cereals industries this week on a trade mission to Asia.

The trip will stop in Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

The Ministry of Agriculture says the mission will promote Canada's safe beef and grains.


Our Prime Minister is repeating that Canada is prepared to retaliate in an ongoing trade war with the U-S over country-of-origin meat-labelling rules.

Speaking with rural leaders in Saskatoon last week, Stephen Harper said that retaliation will become essential at some point in the dispute.

Canada opposes an American rule that requires all packaged meat sold in the U-S to identify where the animal was born, raised, and slaughtered.


Producers are being reminded to use economics when looking at buying or leasing land to expand their operation.

Lance Stockbrugger says it was cheaper in the past to buy land than lease it, but the opposite is true today.

However, he says there are still reasons why buying is beneficial, including the ability to enter into a long-term committment to that land.


Ranchers and farmers in western Alberta say they're losing money because too many hungry elk are using their fields as a free, all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Municipal District of Greenview wants the province to offer more hunting tags in areas where elk are a problem.

Mountain View County wants the government to make it easier for landowners to hunt elk on their own property.



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