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OFA Watching Federal Election

By Manny Paiva

Ontario Federation of Agriculture has three key issues for farmers in next federal election.

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The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says there are three key issues for farmers in the next federal election.

OFA officials are focused on the vote because they say policies and regulations that are developed at a federal level are felt at provincial and municipal levels.

So they want to make sure the agriculture and food industry is well understood.

Rejean Pommainville says federal politicians should address funding for research programs, risk management tools and funding for rural infrastructure. 


We now have more information about the mad cow disease in Alberta.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says two cows discovered with BSE in the last five years were born on the same farm.

The most recent case that was detected last month was born in 2009.

Another cow born on the same farm in 2004 tested positive for the disease in 2010.

Paul Mayers with the C-F-I-A says the current investigation will include tracking 750 animals in the same birth cohort -- which includes cows born before and after the infected animal.

He adds they will also look at all the cows born on the farm between 2004 and 2010 which may have been exposed to the same feed.


The B-C company that engineered apples not to turn brown has been bought for 41 million dollars.

The sale of Okanagan Specialty Fruits of Summerland was announced Friday in a joint news release it issued with Intrexon Corporation.

Intrexon is a publicly traded synthetic biology company headquartered in Maryland.

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