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Seaforth Farmer Honoured

By Manny Paiva

Wayne Cantelon wins B-A-S-F Innovative Farmer of the Year.

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A farmer from Seaforth has been named the B-A-S-F Innovative Farmer of the Year.

Wayne Cantelon has been honoured for his decades long commitment to innovation on his family farming operation.

The award -- which is sponsored by the chemical company -- is presented each year to an Ontario grower who promotes innovation and leadership in the agriculture sector.

Cantelon was given the award at the annual Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario conference in London.


Some advice for livestock producers.

You need to find a balance between employees who are good with animals and people.

That advice from Eric Spell, the President of Agcareers-dot-com.

Spell believes animals can sense conflict in the barn, and they will perform accordingly.

So he suggests managers need to make sure that the staff is adequately led, motivated and given proper direction and leadership.

Spell adds if there is a good working environment, the animals will perform.    


For a fourth year, Egg Farmers of Canada is lending support to the Forum for Young Canadians.

It is an organization that brings hundreds of talented, ambitious young students from across the country to Ottawa.

During their stay in the Nation's Capital, students have the opportunity to learn about the Parliamentary process, meet with political leaders and forge new relationships with other young motivated Canadians.

Egg Farmers of Canada will have the opportunity to discuss agriculture and food production in Canada with the students.




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