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Chef's Forum in Collingwood

By Manny Paiva

Forum will be held in Collingwood on Monday to connect producers, farmers with chef's.

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The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is welcoming the release of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change's discussion paper on climate change.

Weather impacts every aspect of the business of farming and O-F-A officials say they want to ensure the agriculture industry is fully recognized for existing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

President Don McCabe says farmers are constantly evolving farm practices to decrease emissions.

Ontario's agriculture industry has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions through the development of bioproducts, biomaterials and renewable energy.


The fourth winter Chefs' Forum trade show will be held in Collingwood.

The event on Monday night is at the 65 Simcoe Street building from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Janine Fawcett of the Grey County Chefs Forum says they settled on Collingwood this time around because that's where a majority of Chef's are.

She says their membership spoke and said loud and clear that Collingwood made more sense for their trade show -- which pairs farmers and producers with chef's.

She says many of their farmer chef's are from the Thornbury, Blue Mountains, Collingwood area.

The trade show is open to all chefs and it's free.

She says Commercial buyers are also welcome to attend.

Fawcett says it's a chance for chefs to work with farmers before the seeds hit the ground.

The Grey  County Chefs' Forum is a farmer led non-profit corporation devoted to making the family farm sustainable.


Do you call before you dig?

Enbridge says it did a survey in the U-S last year that found nearly 71 per cent of farmers and ranchers have never called an 8-1-1 number before starting a digging project.

And less than half of the 29 per cent of farmers who ever used the service always use it.

In Canada, the Click Before You Dig website was launched in 2013.



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