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Corn Yield Near a Record last year

By Manny Paiva

Ministry of Agriculture reports average corn yield for 2014 was second highest on record.

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The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture reports the average corn yield for 2014 was the second highest on record.

It came in at 160.9 bushels an acre.

Spokesperson Greg Stewart says total acreage planted in corn last year was almost 1.9 million -- down about 15 per cent from 2013.

Stewart says some of that is market driven -- and some was caused by less than optimum planting windows.


There are three new national directors with Holstein Canada.

Nancy Beerwort of Glengarry County in eastern Ontario is one of them.

She milks 80 cows with her husband Donald Johnston.

Also new to the board are Angus MacKinnon from Quebec and Ben Cuthbert from B-C.


The Canadian Cattlemen's Association has talked to the American Farm Bureau Federation about Country of Origin Labelling.

The Cattlemen says they made clear Canada is serious about imposing tariffs on a wide variety of U-S products if the legislation is not changed.

The association wants labeling eliminated for beef and pork.

It also wants legislation requiring imported livestock to be segregated to be completely eliminated.


An official with the Canadian Wheat Board says large global supplies of soybeans may not have as significant an impact on canola values as in previous years.

Brazil is poised to harvest a record soybean crop, which follows very large U-S. production in 2014.

U.S. farmers are also expected to plant even more soybeans this year.

Crop specialist Bruce Burnett says the overall canola situation is not a concern because futures values have also been steady to a bit higher in the 10 dollar a bushel range, thanks in part to the declining value of the Canadian dollar.

He says there would be a bigger impact if the dollar were at par.


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