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More Milk Sold in Canada

By Kevin Bernard

Canadian dairy farms sold 1.2 per cent more milk in August compared to a year ago.

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Canadian dairy farms are selling more milk.

Stats Canada reports a 1.2 per cent increase in August sales from a year ago.

There was also an increase in total cash receipts for dairy operations.

It totalled 511 million dollars in August -- which is up 2 and a half per cent.


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture says the soybean yield numbers are lower than when the harvest first began.

Early indications were that Ontario growers could have been looking at an above average crop this year.

OMAFRA Spokesperson Peter Johnson says it probably means growers will end up with an average, or slightly above average, final crop.

Ontario growers last month expected to see more than a 10 per cent increase in soybeans.


U-S cattle producers are paying higher prices for feeder cattle.

But the U-S Department of Agriculture says lower corn prices are helping producers maintain positive margins.

U-S meat packers on the other hand are having a tougher time.

The monthly outlook shows they're caught between high fed cattle prices and cutout values too low to generate positive margins.

The U-S-D-A predicts fourth quarter hog prices will average about 20 per cent higher than a year ago.


And the U-S government is spending almost nine million dollars to curb farm run-off in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

The hope is the funding will help prevent algae blooms from forming in Lake Erie.

Studies show about half of the phosphorus load comes from one river in the region that flows through rich agricultural land.


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