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Government Helps Canola Industry

By Manny Paiva

Federal government will spend $9.5 million to help Canada's canola industry to market products.

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Our federal government says it will spend up to 9.5 million dollars to help Canada's canola industry to market its products.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the money will help the industry meet its growth target of 26 million tonnes of sustainable canola production by 2025.

The funds are to be used for everything from market research to attending trade shows to developing recipes for canola-based healthy meals.

The Canadian canola industry contributes more than 19 billion dollars to the Canadian economy.


The Canadian Dairy Commission is reducing the price support of skim milk powder.

Effective March 1st, support will decrease by about 16 cents per kilogram.

For dairy producers that amounts to a cut of just under two per cent for industrial milk used to make products such as yogurt, cheese, and skim milk powder.


There could be more drones flying over Canadian farm fields in the near future.

Ron Lackey of Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture says the technology is becoming more affordable.

He says drones could provide valuable information on feed crops for cattle producers.

For example, Lackey says drone programs could be developed that would allow farmers to check protein levels or moisture levels of crops before harvest.


Monsanto says it has received approval from the U-S-D-A for new cotton and soybean seeds designed to be used with a new herbicide formula.

The agri business seeds are designed to increase yield, deter pests and tolerate weed killing chemicals, particularly the company's Roundup.

But many weeds have grown resistant to traditional Roundup, so Monsanto has developed a new version.

The Environmental Protection Agency is still reviewing the new herbicide.


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