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Government Bolsters Pulse Industry

By Manny Paiva

Federal government is spending 3.3 million dollars to bolster the pulse industry.

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Our federal government is spending 3.3 million dollars to bolster the pulse industry.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says most of the cash will be used to help increase the use of pulse crops and products in food manufacturing.

Some money will go to help exporters crack overseas markets.

Canada is the largest exporter of peas and lentils in the world.


The Grain Farmers of Ontario says 2013 was a mostly positive year for agriculture.

But Mark Huston -- a director of the organization -- says it took lots of work to get there.

Huston says wet weather was a challenge and a cool summer led into a challenging harvest.

He adds the livestock sector is one area doing very well, with higher meat prices and lower feed costs.


The U-S Department of Agriculture has raised its total U-S meat production estimates.

It has raised its 2014 production estimate based on higher pork and broiler production than had been forecast in December.

The U-S-D-A now expects steers to average from 150 to 171 dollars per hundredweight this year.


A recent poll in the U-S suggests a large majority of Americans support labelling genetically modified foods -- whether they care about eating them or not.

The Associated Press-G-F-K poll shows 66 per cent of Americans favour requiring food manufacturers to put labels on products that contain genetically modified organisms, or foods grown from seeds engineered in labs.

Only seven per cent are opposed to the idea, and 24 per cent are neutral.



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