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New Average Highs for Cattle

By Manny Paiva

Price for steers last week jumped more than $46 to $181.51 -- average for heifers was $181.68

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The Beef Farmers of Ontario is reporting new weekly average highs for the fed cattle market.

The price for steers last week jumped more than 46 dollars to 181.51.

The average price for heifers was 181 dollars and 68 cents -- almost 53 dollars higher than a year ago.

Just over 12-hundred replacement cattle were sold in Ontario last week -- an increase of about 780 compared to last year.


The Canadian Cattlemen's Association supports the new trade agreements with Korea and the European Union.

Vice President Dan Darling says the deals will open new markets for Canadian beef.

Darling notes offal sells for the price of sirloin in Korea.

He adds Europeans want beef products not usually salable in Canada, things like tongue.


A cow from Elgin County is the 2014 Holstein Canadian Champion.

Silverridge September Rae -- bred and owned by Silverridge Farms -- has won the award.

Canadian Champions are awarded to Holstein cows that surpass the previous all-time highest performance for milk, fat, protein or total B-C-A in her age at calving category.


American farmers set new corn and soybean records last year.

Farmers harvested a record 14.2 billion bushels of corn, 3 per cent more than the 2013 crop.

Soybean production also set a record at 3.97 billion bushels -- up 18 per cent from 2013.


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