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Farmers Will Benefit From Deals

By Kevin Bernard

Huron Bruce MP says farmers will benefit from trade deals made in 2014 with South Korea and China.

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The Conservative MP for Huron Bruce says farmers across Canada and locally, will benefit from trade deals made this year.

Ben Lobb points to a free-trade agreement forged between Canada and South Korea in 2014, and a deal with China that the Harper government says will save farmers money.

Lobb feels Canadian producers are more competitive thanks to their government.

Lobb also points to the rebound in commodity prices as the economy continued to improve slowly this year.

He notes the pork and beef sectors are also seeing a rise in prices for the first time in many years.


Canada's agriculture minister is warning that time is running short for the United States to change its meat labelling law.

Gerry Ritz says if Washington doesn't act, Canada will apply as early as next summer to impose retaliatory tariffs on a long list of American goods.

The list would include beef, orange juice and wine.

Our federal government charges the U-S COOL law discriminates against Canadian beef and pork exports.





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