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Interest Rates May Help Farmers

By Manny Paiva

Scotiabank economist says long term interest rates will remain low, to help farmers with big projects.

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An economist with Scotiabank says long term interest rates will probably remain low at least into the second half of next year.

Aron Gampel told the OFA convention that underperfomance around the world -- and the flood of capital into the U-S -- is what's keeping long term rates down.

That is good news for farmers who want to make equipment purchases and capital project investments early in the new year.


Maple Leaf Foods says one of its plant in Winnipeg will close permanently at the end of this month.

Some of the 30 employees will move to another Maple Leaf plant in Winnipeg, or elsewhere in the company.

Others will leave or retire.

Two other previously announced closures -- in Kitchener and Toronto -- will be completed by the end of the March.


Monsanto and DuPont say they have agreed to settle their patent-infringement lawsuits against each other.

Monsanto claimed that DuPont had infringed upon certain Monsanto patents for determining a seed's genetics.

DuPont alleged that Monsanto had infringed upon certain DuPont seed-processing patents.

Terms of the deal were not released.


The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has made some changes to its price limit system for feeder cattle and live cattle.

The daily price limit for feeder cattle has been raised to four dollars and 50 cents per hundred weight from three dollars.

The daily price limit for live cattle futures remains unchanged at three dollars per hundred weight.

However, in both cases, the daily limit will be able to expand by 150 per cent on any business day in the event that one of the first two contract months settles at limit on the previous trading day.

In the case of feeder cattle, that could boost the daily price limit to six dollars and 75 cents -- and for live cattle, it would go to four dollars and 50 cents.



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