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Livestock Prices To Stay Strong

By Manny Paiva

T-D Economics reports Canadian livestock producers will continue to see strong prices in 2015.

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Canadian livestock producers will continue to see strong prices in 2015.

That is the finding of a report by T-D Economics.

But the same report warns supplies from global bumper harvests this year will keep crop returns in check.

The forecast for the agriculture sector notes that farmers are coming off a year in which prices for most major crops hit four-year lows, while tight supplies drove cattle and hog prices to record levels.

The report notes that cattle prices are more than double the 10-year average and exports to the United States were up 12 per cent this year.

The spike in hog prices is attributed to the PED outbreak that killed millions of baby pigs in the U-S.


Ontario Pork is distributing a reminder to its members which would be of interest to all farmers in the province.

The Ontario government is making changes to its farm licence plate requirements.

Effective January 1st, if you want to buy or attach farm plates to a new commercial vehicle over 3 thousand kilograms -- you will need to provide documentation to demonstrate you have a farm business.

The new rules will not affect any current farm plate owners who renew their plates.


Maple syrup producers hope marketing their sticky product under a new grading system will be sweet for consumers.

The federal government has amended maple product regulations to harmonize them with the United States.

The new standards include reducing the number of colour classes from five to four and adding taste descriptors to give consumers more information about the maple syrup they are buying.

The new classes include: Golden and Delicate Taste, Amber and Rich Taste, Dark and Robust Taste and Very Dark and Strong Taste.

Canadian producers make 84 per cent of the world's maple syrup.


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