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No Hard Target for Neonics

By Manny Paiva

Agriculture Minister says plan to reduce use of pesticide is an aspirational target.

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The Liberals proposal to reduce a controversial pesticide linked to honeybee deaths is only an aspirational target.

That comment from Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal.

He made the comment in Guelph at the first consultation meeting into the development for a pollinator health policy.

Leal says the proposal of reducing neonics  by 80 per cent is NOT a "hard target.''

Leal adds the science and research in the area is evolving and that neonics are just one of four contributing factors to bee fatalities.


U-S Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says his country's agriculture products will be "far more price competitive'' in Cuba once trade restrictions are removed.

Agricultural exports have been among the few exceptions to the half-century-old U-S trade embargo -- though they've been subject to cumbersome and expensive rules.

They require cash payments up front before products are shipped, and the payments have to go through banks in other countries that charge hefty fees for their services.


Poultry producers are assuring B-C residents there will be plenty of turkeys on store shelves during the holidays despite an avian flu outbreak in the province.

Ray Nickel of the B-C Poultry Association says two affected turkey farms in B-C had to destroy about 30-thousand birds that would have been destined for Christmas dinner tables.

The industry group that represents farmers who raise chickens, turkeys and eggs says it has bolstered its stock with birds from out of the province so prices remain stable.



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