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Seed Show Tomorrow

By Kevin Bernard

The annual Seed and Feed trade show will be held at the Chatsworth Community Centre on Friday.

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The annual Seed and Feed trade show and annual meeting will be held at the Chatsworth Community Centre tomorrow.

The program will begin at 10 in the morning and there will be a number of guest speakers -- including cereal crop specialists who will discuss the current markets and a crops and business outlook for 2015.

New forage options will be discussed.

You can also learn about funding options.

For more information, call 986-3756.


The women's president of Canada's National Farmers Union says there is a food shortage among farmers as well other segments of the population.

Joan Brady acknowledges that comes as a surprise to some people and she agrees there's something wrong when farmers don't have enough to eat.

Brady remembers vividly watching a television newscast back in 1998 in the middle of an extended crisis in the pork industry, and the newscaster passed on a message from a local food bank that pork producers were welcome to come and get food.

Brady says it's a memory that has stayed with her and she wants people to know that farmers go hungry, too.


Farmers have filed the paperwork hoping to have the Supreme Court of Canada hear their case against the federal government's dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board.

Anders Bruun -- a Winnipeg lawyer and co-counsel for the plaintiffs -- says a recent Federal Court of Appeal ruling gave a green light for the class action to proceed.

Part of the case is based on alleged misallocation of wheat board account funds in 2011 and 2012.

The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board claims farmers have lost five billion dollars over the last two years, since the government stripped the board of its monopoly. 


A man is in critical condition in an Ottawa hospital after losing one arm and part of the other in a farming accident.

Emergency crews were called to the farm around 8 yesterday morning after a man became trapped in a shaft at the back of a tractor.

Paramedics say the 69-year-old man had been trying to attach a piece of machinery to the shaft when some of his clothing became caught.

One of the victim's arms was completely amputated -- the other was amputated at the elbow.


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