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BDO Canada Warns Farmers

By Manny Paiva

BDO Canada warns farmers as the Canada Revenue Agency is conducting more audits on farms.

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A warning for farmers to ensure their financial records are as accurate as possible.

BDO Canada reports the Canada Revenue Agency is conducting more audits on farms.

The CRA is asking farmers for information on asset purchases, doing H-S-T audits and even tax audits.

Partner Dennis Kraemer says he's never seen the C-R-A focus on farmers to this extent.

Kraemer suggests farmers need to ensure their financial records are complete.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is researching how light quality can impact plant growth and nutritional value.

The study is taking place at the Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre in Guelph.

Greenhouses equipped with supplemental lighting systems allow Canadian producers to grow year round and provide high quality produce.

But researchers say plant growth, fruit yield, and fruit quality are not only affected by light quantity -- but also by light quality.


The Department of Agriculture and Forestry has seized 41 horses under the authority of the Animal Health and Protection Act in Prince Edward Island.

Officials say the horses have been taken to facilities where they`ll get proper care under the guidance of veterinarians.

No other details have been released


The U-S Department of Agriculture has lowered its estimate for 2014 total meat production in the U-S -- but raised its forecast for 2015.

The department says lower slaughter will reduce beef production, although it will be partially offset by heavier carcass weights.

U-S hog slaughter is now expected to be a bit higher for 2014.

For 2015, the department expects a small increase in beef production will move total meat production slightly higher.



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