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Expensive Honey in Ontario

By Kevin Bernard

Price of Ontario honey jumped to $3.69 a pound for 2014 -- up from $3.20 a year ago.

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Compared to the rest of Canada, Ontario honey comes with a golden price tag.

The price of Ontario honey jumped to 3.69 a pound for 2014 -- that is up from 3 dollars and 20 cents a pound last year.

That's over a dollar per pound more than the national average -- which is 2 dollars and 47 cents.

Ontario beekeepers also account for more than a third of the national total, with over 32-hundred nurseries in the province, totalling over 112-thousand colonies.

Canada-wide, beekeepers total 8,777 -- with nearly 695,000 colonies.


An Ontario veterinarian says sheep need biosecurity, too.

Doctor Bruce Robinson says pork and poultry sectors are very good at biosecurity -- while cattle, sheep and goat producers have been traditionally less bio-secure.

Robinson points out that sheep producers are usually dealing with a smaller number of animals and tend to have more individual contact with them, which allows them to spot disease problems quickly.

He adds part of biosecurity is reducing the risk of visitors bringing in foreign diseases.


Another Ontario veterinarian says this winter and spring season will tell the tale about the province's long term PED status.

Doctor Marty Misener says the industry has shown it is able to eliminate the disease on all types of operations.

He credits strong co-operation between producers and other hog industry stakeholders to put a lid on the spread of the disease.

But Misener says now is the time to spend the money on washed and disinfected trucks and to focus on biosecurity -- because the virus prefers cooler weather.


Australia has reduced the size of its wheat crop.

The Canadian Wheat Board says the smaller crop down under will counterbalance the large Canadian crop and provide some market opportunities for Canadian farmers.



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