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Farmers Upset About Consultations

By Manny Paiva

Grain Farmers of Ontario are criticizing Ontario's plan to hold public pollinator health consultations.

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The Grain Farmers of Ontario are criticizing the province's plan to hold public pollinator health consultations.

C-E-O Barry Senft argues a public forum doesn't provide an opportunity for professional and reasonable discussion on the complex issue.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario are encouraging farmers to participate in the consultations.

A statement from Grain Farmers of Ontario says it will participate in just one consultation that is specifically for the agriculture industry scheduled for later this month in Guelph.


The Canadian Pork Council is upset the U-S has decided to appeal the World Trade Organization's country of origin ruling.

Chair Jean-Guy Vincent says stalling tactics from the U-S and totally inadequate responses have already delayed enough.

He argues the appeal negates the W-T-O requirement to conduct disputes in good faith.

The Canadian Pork Council says COOL increases costs and creates inefficiencies without improving consumer information.


Almost half of British Columbia has been designated as a control zone by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in an effort to stop the spread of avian flu.

Restrictions become more strict in the zone depending on how close farms are to infected operations.

It also means farmers need to get permits to move poultry, their products and equipment.

Officials say producers will need permits to ensure the birds are tested for the flu before they're moved to market.



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