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Chair of Grain Farmers Upset

By Manny Paiva

Henry Van Ankum says Ontario Liberals are paying too much attention to activist voices.

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Our provincial government is paying too much attention to activist voices.

That is the feeling of Henry Van Ankum -- the Chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

He says they want to make sure the voice of real farmers is heard when it comes to creating regulations that affect the viability of the agriculture industry.

The group Farm Action Now is calling for the appointment of an agricultural commissioner to advise the Ontario government on the implications of existing and future regulations on the industry.


The Canada Korea Growth and Prosperity Act has been passed in Parliament.

The agreement will eliminate tariffs on nearly 90 per cent of Canada's current exports to Korea.

Farmer Matt Sawyer says all industries will be affected -- from livestock producers to grain farmers.


A fifth poultry farm is under a quarantine in British Columbia's Fraser Valley due to an avian flu outbreak.

Seven countries have now placed restrictions on Canadian poultry imports -- including the U-S, South Africa, Japan and South Korea.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says an estimated 140-thousand birds will be euthanized in the effort to contain the avian flu.






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