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Forage Focus Conference This Week

By Matthew Villeneuve

The Ontario Forage Council is hosting its Forage Focus Conference this week.

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The Ontario Forage Council is hosting its annual Forage Focus Conference this week.

It will be held tomorrow at the St. Albert Community Centre and on Wednesday at the Shakespeare Optimist Hall.

This year's keynote speaker is Ev Thomas -- the Vice President of Agricultural Programs at Miner Institute Research Education.

He will discuss "Harvest Management of Forage Crops and Corn Silage" and compare Alfalfa and Alfalfa Grass.

There will also be presentations on quality hay for Domestic and Export Markets.


Ontario and Quebec agriculture ministers say they will push the federal government to compensate the dairy sector for the effects of the European free trade deal.

Ontario's Jeff Leal and Quebec's Pierre Paradis want the feds to clarify their intention regarding allocation of new cheese import quotas.

They're also calling on the federal government to give priority to parties that are affected by the deal while enhancing the growth of the cheese sector.


A new report says Canada is the world's top agriculture trader when compared to all other countries on a per capita basis.

Farm Credit Canada's annual report on global trade takes the combined value of all agriculture exports and imports from each of the major agriculture trading countries -- and divides that number by each country's respective population.

In 2013, the value of Canada's agriculture imports and exports was more than 21 hundred dollars per person.

Australia was next at about 19-hundred,

The report shows Canada as the fifth largest agriculture exporter in the world.




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