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Country 105

Agriculture Report

New Farmland in Northern Ontario

By Manny Paiva

Beef Farmers say farmland in Great Clay Belt could work for cow calf operations.

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The Beef Farmers of Ontario says farmland in northern Ontario could work for cow calf operations.

Executive Director Dave Stewart says their research has found it is feasible because of technological advances and climate shift.

He adds there's more potentially farmable land in the Great Clay Belt than is now being farmed in the entire province.

Stewart notes farmland in southern Ontario has become too expensive for cow-calf operations.

The Beef Farmers say the premier and the Agriculture minister have now committed to working with farmers to bring significant amounts of Crown and private northern land into agricultural development


The Canadian Pork Council is issuing a reminder that the U-S-D-A won't accept older format identification for Canadian pig exports starting November 1st.

Pig identification on live exports must be fully compliant with the national pig traceability standards set by the PigTrace Canada program.

U-S-D-A border officials estimate that less than 50 per cent of the pigs currently exported from Canada have the proper identification.


And you shouldn't eat hashbrowns from McCain Foods.

The company has voluntarily recalled the product because of possible plastic contamination.

There have been no reported injuries.



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