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Questions About Canadian Wheat Board

By Manny Paiva

NFU says privatization plan has too much secrecy, wants more information released.

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There are more questions about the planned privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board.

The National Farmers Union says thee is too much secrecy about the impending move -- and the group wants more information to be made public.

Under federal law, the wheat board must be privatized no later than July 2017.

The N-F-U says Canadians -- especially grain farmers -- deserve a full accounting of the money the government has given the wheat board to prepare for privatization.

It also says the wheat board should reveal the criteria it is using to assess competing bids.


A new report says timely negotiation and new ways to reach consumers in foreign markets are keys to Canada's agri-food sector.

The paper was published by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute.

It points out that Canada's agri-food sector is competing in an increasingly complex trade world.

The paper notes that trade agreements, while important, are only one part of a series of integrated steps that must be taken to achieve export success.


Hail was a significant problem again this year for some Alberta producers.

Alberta's Financial Services Office says there have been around 8 thousand hail claims filed this year across the province.

That's about the same as last year -- which included many serious storms.

The worst hit areas this year were in eastern parts of Alberta.


When watermelons aren't in season -- consumers in this country can still buy "Canadian'' melons, thanks to an Ontario man who has set up shop in Florida.

Brian Arrigo started his own company in the southern U-S state when he realized Canadians were missing out on local sweet juicy melons because of the short growing season here.

Arrigo started his company Southern Corporate Packers in Florida  25 years ago.

He is now shipping watermelons to Canada under the Yum-Yum brand. 





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