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Canada Wins WTO Battle

By Manny Paiva

World Trade Organization says U-S country-of-origin labelling rules discriminate against Canadian exports.

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Canada has won a battle in an ongoing trade dispute with the U-S over meat-labelling laws that have been hurting the beef and pork industries.

The World Trade Organization released a ruling saying the U-S country-of-origin labelling rules discriminate against exports from Canada and Mexico.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the World Trade Organization's clear and consistent findings in support of Canada's position should send a message to the U-S -- that it should end its country of origin labelling laws and comply with its international trade obligations.

Ritz says the federal government would consider retaliating if the U-S doesn't comply with W-T-O rulings.

He also expects the Americans to appeal the ruling.

International Trade Minister Ed Fast has said the rules undermine North American supply chains.

He also claims the rules cost the Canadian pork and beef industries about one billion dollars a year.


The Ontario Veal Association is asking its members to phase-out the use of veal stalls by 2018.

Mercy For Animals Canada is calling on the Retail Council of Canada to ban the sale of veal from crated calves within four years time.

The group released a video from a veal farm in the summer.

It showed calves being kicked, beaten, and locked inside filthy, narrow crates so small they couldn't turn around.


A nutrition specialist recommends producers get a feed test done on their hay.

Murray Fiest of the Ministry of Agriculture in Saskatchewan says testing is the only way of determining where that hay sits and how you can use that hay.

He says sometimes hay can look decent but testing is the only way to avoid surprises.

Producers can then utilize the information from their feed tests to help determine any additional nutritional requirements as protein and energy content can be variable.


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