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Country 105

Agriculture Report

Funding For Flax Council of Canada

By Manny Paiva

Federal government funds new research to develop new varieties of flax in Canada.

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New research will be done to develop new varieties of flax in Canada.

Our federal government is giving 3 million dollars to the Flax Council of Canada to support the Rapid Development Trait system.

The project includes research into disease management, seed quality and genetic resistance to heat and drought.

Canada is the largest single producer of flax seed in the world.


Two U-S firms are allowed to export beef and poultry to Canada after correcting issues flagged by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

An audit was done as part of the regular process of ensuring the U-S maintains a food safety system that's equivalent to Canada's.

The CFIA says findings at two establishments would have been enough to de-list them -- but the issues were fixed within the agency's timetable to keep their status.


It's another three year term as C-E-O of the Canadian Dairy Commission.

Jacques Laforge is a dairy farmer from New Brunswick and served as president of the Dairy Farmers of Canada from 2004 to 2011.

He was first appointed C-E-O of the dairy commission in 2012.


The Canadian arm of the Domino's Pizza chain is committing to using only cheese made from 100 per cent Canadian milk on all its pizzas.

Domino's buys over 4.8 million kilos of cheese each year for use in its menu items.

It's believed to be the first national pizza company in Canada to make that commitment.



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