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More Markets For Canadian Beef

By Jon Meyer

Qatar and Honduras open up borders to Canadian beef imports.

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Cattle producers across the country now have new markets for their beef.

Qatar has approved all beef imports from Canada -- that market could be worth up to two million dollars a year.

Honduras is also allowing Live Canadian Cattle.

Both markets were closed in 2013 during the B-S-E crisis.

Canada exported beef to 70 markets last year, for a total value of 1.3 billion dollars.


The swine delta coronavirus has been found at a pig handling facility in Alberta.

Agriculture offiicals say the virus was discovered in an environmental sample, not from a farm or sick animal.

The delta coronavirus is a cousin of the deadly PED virus -- which has killed millions of pigs and devastating the hog industry in the U-S.


Corn crops south of the border are behind on harvest this year.

U-S corn is 87 per cent mature but harvest is only at 24 per cent.

About 43 per cent of soybeans have been harvested, which is also below average.

The U-S Department of Agriculture says winter wheat crops are ahead of schedule with planting and emergence. 


Gay Lea Foods has reached an agreement to buy Hewitt's Dairy of Hagersville.

No word on the purchase price.

The company employs 65 people and specializes in the processing of milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream and a complete line of goat milk products.

The deal is expected to close November 1st.


The Canadian Crop Hail Association says early estimates show farmers in Western Canada were paid nearly a quarter billion dollars for hail losses this year.

While the number of claims was roughly the same as 2013, the total payout is up substantially from the 172 million dollars claimed last year.

The total payout was highest in Saskatchewan at 134 million dollars.



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