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Record Soybean Production

By Manny Paiva

Survey shows farmers expect to produce a record six million tonnes of soybeans this year.

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The National Farmers Union will speak today at agriculture committee hearings at the House of Commons on Bill C-18, the Agriculture Growth Act.

The NFU says the new omnibus farm bill should be broken up into manageable parts.

It argues the bill would increase farmers' costs, reduce farmers' autonomy and compromise Canadian sovereignty.

At the same time, the N-F-U says the bill would provide more revenue and power to multinational agri-business corporations.


Stats Canada has released its September survey of farmers expectations -- and it shows a decrease in several crops.

The survey shows corn for grain production is expected to drop almost 20 per cent this year to 11.4 million tonnes.

It also shows canola production down almost 22 per cent and wheat production down almost 27 per cent.

A drop in harvested area and yield are being blamed for the reductions.

But the survey also shows farmers expect to produce a record six million tonnes of soybeans this year.

Ontario growers expect to see more than a 10 per cent increase in soybean production.


The RCMP are investigating two possible cases of food tampering involving P-E-I potatoes.

In both cases -- potatoes containing a metal object were found in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Police have asked consumers in Atlantic Canada to check for metal objects in potatoes from Linkletter Farms.

The company voluntarily withdrew certain brands after receiving the complaint.



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