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Country 105

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Support For Free Trade Deal

By Manny Paiva

Canadian Cattlemen and Barley Council both support trade deal with the European Union.

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The President of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association is calling it an oustanding deal for beef producers.

Dave Solverson is talking about the negotiations last week for the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.

Solverson says it will provide duty-free access for nearly 65-thousand tonnes of Canadian beef annually.

The Barley Council of Canada is urging all parties to implement the agreement as soon as possible so that the Canadian barley industry can begin seeing the benefits.

The National Farmers Union, however, notes the deal will allow heavily-subsidized E-U cheese into Canada tariff free.

It also says the deal commits Canada to give seed companies the ability to ask courts to seize assets and equipment of farmers for alleged infringement on patent or plant breeders' rights, even before the case is heard.


The Ontario government is putting 10 million dollars into a new research facility at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Agriculture Minister says the project will help create jobs in the agri food industry across the province.

He adds the new facility will be the largest of its kind in Canada.

Leal says research and innovation are critical to growing the provincial horticulture sector.



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