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Country 105

Agriculture Report

Sending More Food to China

By Manny Paiva

Talks continue between Canada and China about allowing more farm products into Asian country.

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Talks continue between Canada and China about allowing more agricultural products into the Asian country.

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz met with China's Minister of Agriculture to secure permanent access for Canadian live cattle.

The industry values the access at 150 million dollars a year once fully implemented.

Our government is also working with China to gain market access for fresh Canadian cherries and blueberrries -- valued by industry at 85 million dollars a year.


Time is running out for producers to give their input to the Farmers of North America.

The group is looking for farmers to express their interest in investing in and building a farmer-owned grain-handling and fertilizer distribution company.

The group is also in the midst of Project-N, a farmer-owned fertilizer plant.

The deadline to respond on the group's website is Friday.


35 U-S Democrats are urging the Obama administration to prohibit children from working on tobacco farms, citing concerns about ill health effects.

The letter doesn't specify an age limit, but a spokesperson for the lawmakers said they'd prefer the ban apply to children under 18.


And the 161st Sydenham Agricultural Fair begins today.

It's being held at Grey Roots near Owen Sound.

The fair gives more than 500 students a chance to show off their talents in a wide range of farm activities.

There will also be various farm demonstrations.



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