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Funding For Green Farming

By Manny Paiva

Feds offer $3.1 million to help test agricultural fibres and residues in bioplastic and biocomposite products.

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Our federal government is giving 3.1 million dollars to Competitive Green Technologies.

The company will lead collaborative pilot-scale testing of purpose grown agricultural fibres and residues in bioplastic and biocomposite products -- leading to new uses for non-food crops in industrial materials.

Natural fibre composites are quickly becoming a rising market and a desirable substitute to synthetic, petroleum-based fibre composites.

They are low cost, lightweight, recyclable and readily available.

The federal government says this technology will help farmers turn agricultural waste into new revenue streams while reducing their environmental footprint.


A farm production adviser with Manitoba Agriculture has some advice for producers to better manage their soybean harvest.

Terry Buss says setting the cutter bar at the correct height is key.

He says laying a finished two by four on its side gives the optimum height of the cutter bar -- about an inch and a half.

Buss calculates about 80 per cent of losses occur at the cutter bar because the knife is too high.

He also suggests speed is a key factor too.


A Swedish made high speed planter made an impression at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock.

Vaderstad's Tempo planter runs about 16 kilometres per hour, which is about twice as fast as conventional planters.

But it only comes as big as 12 rows.

Company spokesperspon Lars Thylen says they realize they'll probably need 16 and 24 row units to meet the needs of North American farmers.


Organic Meadow has become the exclusive dairy sponsor for this week's National Organic Week.

Organic Meadow is the country's oldest organic dairy co-operative, representing over 100 family farms across Ontario.

The co-operative's support of the week includes organic farm tours, farmer social media takeovers and a series of in-store demonstrations at selected retail partners.


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