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Elmwood Beekeeper Joins Lawsuit

By Jon Meyer

Dave Schuit of Saugeen Country Honey says they have little choice after massive losses due to neonics.

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A honey producer from Elmwood has joined a multi-million dollar lawsuit against manufacturers of a pesticide he says is "an environmental disaster in the making."

Dave Schuit of Saugeen Country Honey says the beekeepers shouldn't have to do this, but they have little choice after many suffered massive losses to their hives in the past few years.

Neonicotinoid is a pesticide used to control a variety of pest, especially sap-feeding insects.

It is added to seeds, which are then taken up by the plant to the leaves, flowers, roots and stems.

Schuit says this stuff is much more toxic that DDT, which was banned decades ago because of health concerns.

He claims not only are bees dying off in the millions because of neonicotinoids, but other insects are also being killed off.

This is leaving some birds and bats with a lack of food to eat.

Some 30 beekeepers have joined the 450 million dollar civil action.

It is estimated that some 65 million bees have died in the last two years in Canada, but Schuit says that is a minor part of the pesticide's overall impact on the ecosystem. 


The Canadian Wheat Board says the poor quality of the U-S spring wheat crop has raised demand.

Weather and crop specialist Bruce Burnett says says the protein premiums shot up quite a bit.

So despite the fact that the futures market go downwards -- the cash prices for reasonable quality or high quality wheat have actually increased.


The Canadian Soybean industry is getting a national voice.

27 organizations and companies from across the country have signed a letter of intent to support the formation of Soy Canada.

The new group's mandate will be to maintain and expand market access, open new markets, increase industry profile and strengthen relationships among stakeholders.

Ontario farmer Mark Huston is the group's first chair.


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