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By Jon Meyer

Wheat, Canola, Barley and Oats stocks are all up in Canada this year.

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The size of last year's Canadian grain crops is reflected in some of the latest numbers from Stats Canada.

The Stocks Of Principal Field Crops Report looks at what was in storage the end of July -- and it shows an almost 94 per cent increase in the total stocks of wheat from a year ago.

Even more dramatic is the almost 268 per cent increase in the amount of wheat farmers had stored on-farm at the end of July.

Total canola stocks were up over 301 per cent from a year ago, while barley stocks were up almost 96 per cent, and stocks of oats doubled.


Farm Credit Canada has come up with some numbers to help Ontario farmers figure out their cash rental rates for land in 2015.

Senior Agricultural Economist James Bryan says the formula takes revenue estimated by specific crop prices and yields, then subtracts the 2014 cost of production.

Bryan cautions these estimates do not pay a producer for the risk they take in growing the crop.

The F-C-C formula would see land rental maximum rates go all the way from 97 to 229 dollars an acre -- depending on expected crop prices and the land's productivity.


Bayer CropScience is building a new wheat breeding centre southwest of Saskatoon.

It says the first phase will be complete by July 2015 -- and it will include labs, office space, equipment and seed storage.

Initially, there will be 15 to 20 full-time and seasonal employees, and additional phases will be built in the coming years.


Beekeepers and a developer have teamed up on a sweet idea that they hope will add buzz to the streets of Vancouver.

A 540-square metre community garden owned by the developer Amacon near Chinatown has become the city's latest pollinator sanctuary and is now home to two honeybee hives.

Sarah Common of the non-profit group Hives for Humanity says pollinators, like bees, are responsible for two thirds of everything people eat.

She hopes their project demonstrates innovative ways to use space and create pollinator sanctuaries.



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