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New Crop Centre in Dundalk

By Manny Paiva

The Huron Bay Co-operative has officially opened its new crop centre facility in Dundalk.

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The Huron Bay Co-operative has officially opened its new crop centre facility in Dundalk.

Manager at the Dundalk Branch Dave Rogers tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the new crop facility, which is used to blend fertilizer, holds 2,000 metric tons of fertilizer, while the old building only had a storage capacity of 350 tons.

He adds it now houses five 200T bins and four 250T bins, compared to the previous building of five 70T bins.

The location of the facility is in downtown Dundalk, where the old blender was.

Rogers says it will increase traffic, however says there doesn't seem to be a concern from the community.

Rogers says it will create faster service, and more employment.

In our region there is a high demand for crop fertilizer, and Rogers says they have had problems in the past with not having enough on hand for costumers.

He says now they will be able to serve the costumers the product when they need it.

Rogers tells us the cost was well over a million dollars, however he is not certain of the exact amount.

The Huron Bay Co-op serves Bruce County, West Grey and North Huron Counties through 10 branch locations providing crop inputs, crop protection products, bulk fuel feed and a local community retail stores. 


The head of the Canadian Canola Growers Association says new federal grain transportation rules will bring more accountability to the grain supply chain.

Rick White says the regulations supporting the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act will be a good thing for producers.

He adds they will pressure railways and grain companies to provide better service.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has ordered a recall of pork products from an Alberta meat processor and a number of retailers over E. coli concerns.

Alberta's chief medical officer says 100 people in the province have gotten ill from E. coli linked to raw pork products -- including 19 people who have been hospitalized.

The recall is centralized to Alberta.


The St. Lawrence Seaway says total cargo shipments are up three per cent this year despite a late start to the shipping season because of the harsh winter.

The corporation that manages the seaway said 20 million tonnes of cargo was transported between March 25th and August 31st.

The Seaway said more than five million tonnes of grain have been shipped from Canadian Great Lakes ports this season -- that is up 86 per cent over last year.


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