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Lawsuit Over Bee Deaths

By Manny Paiva

Two honey producers are seeking 450 million dollars in damages from neonics and bee deaths.

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There's a proposed class action lawsuit against two chemical companies that make pesticides widely blamed for massive deaths of bees.

Two family owned Ontario honey producers are seeking 450 million dollars in damages, to recover significant losses suffered by Canadian beekeepers.

They blame widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides since 2006.

The statement of claim alleges that Bayer and Syngenta International were negligent in their development and distribution of neonicotinoids.

There is mounting evidence that it presents a risk to bee populations.

Neonics are a preventative pesticide sprayed over crops or coated onto seeds before they are planted.

The European Commission has already imposed a temporary ban on the their use.


Area media got an advance look on Wednesday at what you can expect at the upcoming International Plowing Match in Ivy, southwest of Barrie.

The plowing match hasn't been held in Simcoe County since 1997.

This year's theme is "Good Old Days, Modern New Ways" and a hundred thousand people are expected to take in the plowing match and rural expo through out the five days, September 16th to the 20th.

The plowing match will draw as many as 300 competitors from all across Ontario and even some from Britain, all trying to plow the most uniform and straight row know as a furrow.

There will also be square dancing tractors, the Canadian Cowgirls, the RAM Rodeo Tour, OPP Golden Helmets and Jason McCoy performing on the Saturday afternoon.

There are lots of children's activities as well.

Tickets are $17 for general admission and proceeds go to area community projects and charities.


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