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Farm Product Price Index Falls

By Manny Paiva

Stats Canada says Farm Product Price Index fell almost five per cent in June from a year ago.

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The Farm Product Price Index in Canada continues to fall.

Stats Canada reports it was down almost five per cent in June from a year ago -- that marks the 10th consecutive year over year decrease.

The crops index was down 19.9 per cent, but the livestock index was up 16.8 per cent.

Stats Can says the livestock and animal products index has been rising since April of 2013.

Stats Can says grain and oilseed prices started coming under pressure last year when world production recovered and Canada harvested record breaking crops for many of the major grains and oilseeds.


The U-S Crop Progress Report shows 35 per cent of the U-S corn crop has now dented.

It also shows 73 per cent of the corn is rated good to excellent.

The overall U-S soybean condition rating is 70 per cent good to excellent -- down one from last week.

Spring wheat harvest has slipped two points to 66 per cent good to excellent.


A brown bug no bigger than a pencil eraser is threatening Florida's nine billion dollar citrus industry.

An insect called Asian Citrus Psyllid is spreading a disease called greening that feeds on the leaves of citrus trees.

There is no cure for greening, and no country has ever successfully eradicated it.

Experts say if a solution isn't found, Florida's entire citrus industry -- with its 75 thousand jobs -- could collapse.


The new Farmers' Almanac is predicting another nasty winter.

Managing editor Sandi Duncan says "shivery'' and "shovelry'' are back.

The publication uses a formula based on sunspots, planetary positions and lunar cycles for its long-range weather forecasts.

It calls for a colder and wetter-than-usual winter for three-quarters of the country east of the Rocky Mountains.


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