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Plowing Matches in Grey Bruce

By Kevin Bernard

The Bruce County Plowing Match is taking place on Friday and the North Grey Plowing Match is on Holiday Monday.

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It took more than 10 years, but Jamaica has agreed to finally allow imports of Canadian beef again.

The Caribbean nation shut its borders to Canadian beef back in 2003 during the mad cow disease scare.

Effective immediately, Canadian producers can export beef to Jamaica.

Agriculture Canada estimates the Jamaican market will be worth about 4 and a half million dollars per year to Canadian farmers.


The U-S Department of Agriculture is forecasting a 14 per cent drop in net farm income this year.

The estimated 2013 net income was 131.3 billion dollars.

This year's forecast is 113.2 billion.

Lower cash receipts for crops is getting most of the blame.


There are a couple of plowing matches in our region this weekend.

The Bruce County Plowing Match is taking place today.

It's being held at the farm of Rick and Mike Smith and family, south of Ripley.

The North Grey Plowing Match will be held on Monday at the farm of Ken and Rosemary Mitchell, just north of Leith.

Continuing 92 years of tradition, the entrance is across from Ainsley Wood Conservation Area.  

This event started 92 years ago, organized with the assistance of the well known Tommy Cooper. The first match of this combined association took place in October 1922, in Derby Township. Early events involved only horse plowing. Their unique involvement remains a key attraction today. Modern techniques today include the Reversible Plow Competition. This unique method of plowing is very popular in Europe currently, adapted for contour plowing to enhance land stewardship.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of experience.

This year will feature horse plowing, antique plowing and modern tractor plowing.

The International Plowing Match will be held in Ivy, south of Barrie, from September 16th to the 20th. 



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