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Dundalk Girl Wins CNE Ambassador

By Jon Meyer

The new CNE Ambassador of the Fairs is from Dundalk. Jodie Hooker won the competition on Sunday.

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The new CNE Ambassador of the Fairs is from Dundalk.

Jodie Hooker representing the Dundalk Fair won the competition on Sunday.

Hooker beat out other finalists from Arthur and Dresden.


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture is watching closely the corn growth in the province.

It is far behind schedule.

A relatively cool July and later planting has pushed pollination into August in many areas.

Corn specialist Greg Stewart says growers are now beyond the window for any further management decisions with this year's corn crop.


And the Conservatives are being criticized over the continued secrecy surrounding the final wording of the Canada-EU trade deal.

The Opposition New Democrats say it can't verify the information in the leak because the government is refusing to release the official text.

The Council of Canadians says the agreement is unlikely to survive public scrutiny after a large portion of the text was been made public by a German T-V show last week.

A spokesperson for Trade Minister Ed Fast says the translation and final legal review of the agreement are ongoing.


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